Hunting dogs


Latviahas developed hunting traditions maintained and improved by Latvian hunters already for 400 years. Hunting dogs are an integral part of the hunting.

According to their hunting peculiarities, Latvian hunters have made their own hunting dog breed – Latvian Hound. Latvian Hound is excellent assistant in hunting with beaters.



In Latvia only pure bred hunting dogsare allowed to be used in hunting.

Every hunting dog breed suits to specific hunting type. Therefore it is wrong to think that buying a hound, a pointer or a laika is enough to ensure success in the particular hunting. No less wrong is those, who think that there exist universal dog breeds suiting to any type of hunting. No matter how fine the innate character of a dog is, no dog can act perfectly without training and teaching. Experience shows that when hunting without trained dog, hunters fail to find approximately 30% of killed water fowls and approximately 20% of killed big-game.

We have established pure bred hunting dogs training centre “Dālderi” for our hunting dogs. The centre is comprised of an enclosed forest area of 4 ha with wild boars, an artificial U-formed cave, and area for organisation of dog shows. The pure bred hunting dogs training centre “Dālderi” trains own hunting dogs and offers training for pure bred hunting dogs of other hunters. The Cynological training centre „Dālderi” offers possibility to get consultations from experienced hunters – owners of pure bred hunting dogs and competent cynologists about hunting dog training and purchase. Consultations are rendered both individually and in seminars organized by the training centre and other organizations.